Monday, March 24, 2008

Word Dares - Spring Equinox Edition

The official first day of spring - March 21 - has officially come and gone. Oblivious (or mocking, depending on one's point of view), monumental snow heaps continue to blight the landscape in Apprentice Writer's corner of the world, where the possibility of breaking the record for most snowfall ever recorded in a single March is within reach. In honor of this apparent defiance of global warming, here today's word invention:

Marzivan , (noun): the thick layer of pristine snow topping your vehicle, making it resemble an iced fruitcake on wheels.

Wordsmith: Maribeth Graham Source: The Toronto Star


Wylie Kinson said...

LOL!! That's a good one... and it's freaking snowing out at this very moment - GRRRR...
Mother Nature is being a right bitch this year.

M. said...

i wonder if there is a correlation between severe weather and increased sales of books set in sunny places - like yours???