Sunday, November 23, 2008

"I Know What a Scoundrel Wants"

We interrupt this Nanowrimo-inspired blogging hiatus to bring you news of a fab contest, hosted by Ann Aguirre (whose excellent GRIMSPACE was reviewed here earlier), known to create inspired buzz. She does so now on behalf of Carrie Lofty, whose debut novel,


will release with Zebra's Debut Authors program (i.e. titles at a special introductory price) on 2 December.

Apprentice Writer has considered Ms. Lofty on online friend for some time now, having chatted with her about all kinds of things since before 'Scoundrel' was a twinkle in the author's eye. In fact, her inbox probably still has the message that said something like "I watched 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves' last night and had this great idea for a Will Scarlett story...."

Fastforward, and here we are: that idea developed, written, shopped, agent aquired, sold, and converted to concrete, tangible form. Magic!

AW is deleriously thrilled for Ms. Lofty and can't wait to get her hands on her personal copy - even though she much preferred the original title REDEEMING WILL SCARLETT and thinks the cover leaves much to be desired.

Oh, well. But the important part, between the covers, leaves nothing to be desired. Great writing, lovely hero, strong heroine, unusual time period - this one has it all. Go check it out.

Look for Carrie Lofty at and at

And for all the details of the Scoundrel contest (mondo prizes!) stop by Ann Aguirre's blog:


Wylie Kinson said...

woo hoo!! I can't wait to read What a Scoundrel Wants -- which will always be Redeeming Will Scarlet in this reader's mind.
And Ms Lofty is kindly releasing it on my birthday. How nice!

Julia Smith said...

Don't you hate it when marketing people substitute their own title for one that rocks...? Meanwhile, I can't wait for this one, either!

M. said...

yay Canadians who love Will Scarlett! And Carrie Lofty!

Ana said...

Hey, I just read the book and am publishing my review today and I loved it!

I Heart Will Scarlet and Carrie did great with his character!

Julia Smith said...

Hey AW - Tag! You're it!