Monday, February 23, 2009

Notable Quotes: THE DAY AFTER

To write is to live forever.
Tina Fey, presenting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

The man who wrote that is dead.
Steve Martin, in response.

You look like a big Canadian flag! Beautiful!
Entertainment reporter Ben Mulroney to Nicole Kidman, dressed in an all-scarlet gown, in a clip from last year advertising coverage of this year's event. Ms. Kidman wore a conspicuously non-red gown last night.

Hugh Jackman was funny and charming in addition to looking fab in a tux and never breaking a sweat or sounding out of breath during all the singing and dancing. No chemistry with Beyonce but what girl didn't want to be Anne Hathaway, swept out of her seat and onto the stage like that? Billy Crystal, David Letterman or Jon Stewart couldn't have done it, Whoopi Goldberg maybe but it just wouldn't have had the same effect.
Apprentice Writer (who can't comment on things like the fairness of awards bestowed or lost, not having seen any of the Big 5, but who did see Wall E and loved that those genuine, emotional moments between robotic leads were highlighted during several montages including 'Romance')

Jai Ho!
Everyone else


Thomma Lyn said...

Like the Tina Fey quote, "To write to live forever." Of course I'd have to add, "...unless you wind up remaindered", LOL!

But yeah, Steve Martin's response was spot-on. :)

Julia Smith said...

Loved the awards, the beautiful set, yummy Hugh Jackman - who is The Perfect Man. Handsome, great actor, sings, dances and can become Wolverine - now all I need is for him to do a sword-fighting film, and I'll have achieved earthly bliss.

M. said...

Remaindered. Yes, that is an ignominius fate. But better remaindered than never published at all!

Hugh in a sword-fighting film! I'd like that, too.