Tuesday, March 10, 2009

EBOOK WEEK - Freebie!

This is EBook Week.

In celebration, some epublishers are offering
free reads to coax print readers into the idea that hey, ereading is not so painful after all!

One author whose novel is now available free of cost to the ecurious is
KIMBER CHIN, a wildly creative chaptermate of Apprentice Writer's. Not only is she a patient coach on all things blog-related, she is a pioneer of the new subgenre business romance. Yay, people unafraid of the cutting edge!

To get a free copy of Kimber's latest release,
go to
http://www.ebookgur u.org/
and click on the first post (in blue).
You can also get there from
http://businessroma nce.com/2009/ 03/09/read- invisible- for-free/

Now please excuse AW as she leaves to take advantage of this no-hidden-fees opportunity (hee!).


Kimber Chin said...

Awww... thank you SO much for posting this!
I love, love, love this book.
If readers were only to read one of my novels (past or future), it would be this one.
It is THAT dear to my heart.

M. said...

Hi Kimber!
It sounds intriguing and I like the bit of purple on the cover.