Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lightning Crankypants Views and Reviews

Apprentice Writer is not feeling her usual sunny self. Gentle Reader, you are warned. Random crankypants thoughts on life, the universe, and everything:

The Other Boleyn Girl: It is probably not a a good thing when the most believable performances in a movie are given by the period costumes and settings. (*Sorrowfully*) - Eric Bana, what has happened to you?

Mamma Mia: Stage production (Toronto) - 100% fabulous. Movie - 100% hot mess. And that is saying something as AW is usually firmly in the Meryl Streep/Colin Firth camp.

So You Think You Can Dance: Season after season, couple after couple is felled by the sheer bad luck of being assigned a Broadway routine, more often than not coupled with stupid costumes. Vitellio and Asuka, two fantastic dancers, endured the judges criticisms in silence rather than point their fingers at the choreographer and costume department, and may well end up the first two voted off the show through very little fault of their own (those lifts! that astonishing jump!). No justice.

Where Have all the Line Editors gone?: In the last week, AW came across the following excerpts;
"'s an interesting phenomena...." No, it's not. Phenomenon, perhaps, but phenomena involve more than one instance.
"...milleniums..." Especially sigh-worthy because it wasn't spoken by a Medieval or Regency character, who could be forgiven for unfamiliarity with a term so far removed from their own time period. It was an apocalyptic character. If an urban fantasy heroine whose story takes place near the intersection of two millenia doesn't know the correct plural, who would? And how does this not get caught by spellcheck?
"....she worked with various mediums..." This female historical artist character clearly aimed for notoriety, since she paints with people who have the ability to contact the spirit world rather than the regular artistic media.

and, since no gripe session is complete without a nod to the weather -
Climate: what's up with 'summerly cool' temparatures (as the weather channel recently forecast for the day)? AW's garden furniture has seen zero occupancy so far and we're mid-June. It will be a long, long summer with the junior apprentice writers if they have to stay inside.

Gentle Reader - Share an encouraging thought. Please. We beg you.


Julia Smith said...

'It is probably not a a good thing when the most believable performances in a movie are given by the period costumes and settings.' - ROFL!!

Thomma Lyn said...

"Summerly cool" -- interesting! We're having a lot of rain. Good for the garden, but soggy for outdoor activities. Hang in there, AW. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling cranky. Your sense of humor is still spot-on, though! :)

M. said...

Thanks, ladies. You do help cheer me up. I had had a run-in with an online troll, and it left me miffed.