Monday, November 9, 2009

Visualize This

Apprentice Writer is part ninja, part monkey, part stairmaster cyborg.
What on earth, you say?

AW will tell you.

Or more accurately, Chris Baty will tell you. The father of the global phenomenon of National Novel Writing Month (which outgrew the 'National' adjective many years ago) sends pep talks to the tens of thousands of participants at strategic times. The most recent such motivator urged lagging participants (that would be AW, not those credibility-challenged imbeciles whose wordcount bars changed color to signify 50k achieved on Day 2) to write in thousand word sprints, imagining a staircase of a thousand steps.

Adieu, Gentle Reader. AW has laced up her running shoes and is set for (keyboard) exercise.


Thomma Lyn said...

ROFL @ "credibility-challenged imbeciles" -- one of my NaNo buddies broke 50K four days ago. I was agog. :)

Good luck NaNoing! Like the idea of thousand word sprints. I've been sprinting on my NaNo novel, but I did a heck of a lot of pre-writing, so that helped in a major way.

M. said...

coming up to week 3, I'm not so offended by people who break 50K. I'll never be among them, mind you, but it doesn't strain my credulity so much

Wylie Kinson said...

M. - one could remind you that you've other priorities besides writing ;)
But I feel you. Even with an empty house and a cone of silence, I could NEVER write 50,000 words (or even 20) in 2 weeks. Not yet, anyway.

Julia Smith said...

Go, M! Go!

I'm not getting up from this chair until my word count clears 20K. That's another 1000-word sprint for me (I'm doing that, too.) But every 1000 I get, I give myself a carrot. That's a visit to you, M!

M. said...

Wylie - ah, that elusive cone of silence. I almost suspect that when I finally achieve it, it will feel so alien I won't accomplish anything.

Julie - A carrot! How virtuous. When I achieve a big wordcount goal, I reward myself with something from the Halloween leftovers.

Julia Smith said...