Friday, May 28, 2010


Sarah Addison Allen
Contemporary Fiction with Fantasy Elements

Apprentice Writer posted recently on similes and metaphors that go awry. In such cases, the flow of the story is stopped while she re-reads to try and puzzle it out.

Sometimes, though, she stops to re-read for sheer beauty of what the author has created. Such was repeatedly the case with 'The Girl Who Chased the Moon' by new-to-her author Sarah Addison Allen. Here for your reading pleasure, some gems:

"(He) watched a whale of gray sky swallow the pink evening light."

"She always smelled like carnations from her florist shop when she came in from work. The scent ran ahead of her into the room, like an excited pet."

"I met up with Stella earlier (at the fair), but then her entourage got too big. Stella is like a comet collecting space debris as she passes."

"He was standing as still as stone, watching them with an expression made of ghosts and anger."

*heavy sigh of writerly envy*

Even better, the story as a whole is delightful - charming, natural, about real, recognizable characters in a small town. There is an element of light fantasy involved but it is an embellishmnt to the main story rather than the main plotpoint. With writing like this, TGWCTM will certainly not be AW's last Addison Allen title.



raidergirl3 said...

I quite enjoyed her Garden Spells book. Might have a bit more of fantasy as a plot point, but I really enjoyed it. I must pick up another of her novels.

M. said...

Raidergirl! How excellent to see you here again.
Thanks for the rec, I'll look for 'Garden Spells'.
Hope the maritime beaches will be ready for swimming soon!

Julia Smith said...

Those lines are all gems - beautiful gems. Thanks for posting them.

Wylie Kinson said...

Oh what terrific lines. I here you on the writer-envy. Me too!

Jenners said...

Oh ... I just love the one about the scent running ahead like an excited pet!! That is great!!

I've heard such good things about this author ... I need to read her I think!