Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cover Art Snark & Author Self-Mockery: Woot!

Apprentice Writer appreciates people who don't take themselves too seriously. She flat out adores readers who like a genre but can recognize the over-the-top elements in it. She got a does of both from the lovely and talented Scientist Gone Wordy, who made AW snort tea at breakfast with a link to author Jim C. Hines' reflectionss on urban fantasy/scifi cover art.

He doesn't just opine. He conducts research.

That's right. He tries to recreate cover poses.

Bravo to Mrs. Hines for having a spouse with the chutzpah to post the far-from-pretty results.


Rachel said...

Wasn't that just brilliant???? I was dying laughing at his poses.

M. said...

I'm surprised there wasn't more buzz about this (at least, not in the corner of the cyberverse I hang out in). It was successful, too, seeing as how I will go take a look at his books.