Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Insults of Note

Ever since Monty Python's Flying Circus famous insult culminating in "...and furthermore you smell of elderberries!", it has become a mark of honour to come up with a noteworthy insult.

Apprentice Writer would like to nominate one:

"The problem is, your head has the proportions of a styrofoam peanut."

Ryan Gosling's cool bachelor character to Steve Carrell's uncool divorced dad character during sunglasses shopping, in Crazy Stupid Love.


Man of la Book said...

My wife and I just watched that movie last night.
It wasn't bad at all.

Maya Missani said...

Hello, ManofLaBook!

I thought so too. I liked it except for the ending, which was too sermonesque (same way I didn't like ending of 'Scent of a Woman')

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