Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

Learning that society has reached the stage where family pets have their own websites, I have decided that it really won't do for Fifi, Tweetee, et al. to generate more literary output than I. So I bowed to the pressure to join the new millenium - and created a blog.

Here it is - my virgin post.

What do I hope to accomplish in this online space?

Keeping a record, of sorts, of my path on the road to being a self-directed writer (as opposed to writing for other people who dictate the content but don't trust their own language/grammar skills. )

Spinning a web of like-minded friends and contacts.

Polishing craft.

And giving myself a kick in the pants in the form of dates to prove how time marches on when I indulge in my well-developed skill of procrastination. In other words, learning the ABC's (Apply Butt to Chair) all over again......

So: Tomorrow, the grim task of taking a good, hard look at the path taken so far.

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Christine d'Abo said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! It's a great place to meet people and have a great time. Feel free to come over and say hi.