Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When Good Author Habits Turn Bad

GOOD: Sitting down at the computer every single day.
BAD: Using that computer time to surf the net instead of continuing manuscript.

GOOD: Seeking out peers who are working towards the same goal.
BAD: Chatting with those peers about everything other than writing.

GOOD: Collecting reference works to polish manuscript.
BAD: Using reading time to devour paperback novels while reference works grow dusty.

GOOD: Submitting work to critique partners for fresh insights.
BAD: Spending double the time it took to write the excerpt trying to
convince critique partners why their constructive criticism comments are incorrect.

GOOD: Submitting work to writing contests.
BAD: Feeling 100% vindicated or 100% persecuted by comments of individual judges, rather than seeing them as small elements in a larger picture.

GOOD: Attending regular real-time writing group meetings.
BAD: Focusing more on windowshopping/snack consumption after the meeeting rather than on speaker content during.

GOOD: Creating a landing pad in the blogosphere to promote writing work.
BAD: Being surprised that an eon has passed by in the time one has spent 'researching' other blogs.

GOOD: Subscribing to a newspaper so as to increase chances of igniting one's muse.
BAD: Solving the sudoku puzzle and then placing paper in recycling box.

GOOD: Having the goal to attend a writers convention once work is ready to be pitched.
BAD: Spending the same amount of time studying recommendations about convention footwear as recommendations about how to pitch.

The Gentle Reader will have gathered that Apprentice Writer is guilty of all these bad habits and more. Apprentice Writer very much hopes that insight is the first step towards correction....


Wylie Kinson said...

LOL! Can I use this in romANTICS? I'm always looking for short fun pieces.
If okay, email me at thewatkinson at rogers dot com.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! I'm a friend and critique partner of Wylie's. It's great to meet you! :)

I loved your list -- so cute, and so true!

Red Garnier said...

Hey, welcome to blogsland!! I'm a fellow EC author and friend of Wylie's, and she gave me the great news of your arrival. I hope to be seeing a lot of you around!! =)


Christine d'Abo said...

That is awesome Maya! The funny thing is I was sitting here shaking my head and grinning because I've done every single one of those. Love it!

Amy Ruttan said...

Hi Maya, hows that new bundle of joy. I'm so glad to see you on the blogosphere.

As for the short piece to tell critique writers they're wrong, I always cop the philosophy use what you want discard the rest. Never, ever compromise your gut instinct or your voice!!! :)

carrie_lofty said...

Dude, you've had a blog for about six days and already have more comments than I regularly get!

Fun post. And I'm so guilty of the surfing and chatting...