Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Batman a la Jane Austen

Too good not to share -

Cara King, of the Risky Regencies site, has penned (keyboarded?) one of the funniest pieces Apprentice Writer has read in a long time, containing the doubtless soon-to-be-immortal phrase "...unbending suit of petroleum derivatives."

Go, enjoy:


Amy Ruttan said...

That was a very witty read! I was thoroughly routed (?).

Julia Smith said...

'Affectation of honesty is common enough--one meets with it everywhere. But to be a crusader full of ostentation and design--to take the bad of everybody's character and make it cause for action, and monotone muttering--belongs to you alone.'


Cara King said...

Thanks for the kind words, M!


M. said...

amy, julia - yes, so much fun!

cara - welcome! as you can see, you have fans beyond 'risky regencies'. dare i hope for further austen episodes?

Cara King said...


So far, I've mostly done Austen Trek -- Jane Austen writing either the original Star Trek, or Next Generation. But I also hope to branch out...who knows what Jane Austen may write next... :-)


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