Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bookblogger Appreciation Week, Day 3

Today's feature: blogs that encourage the Gentle Reader to broaden horizons.


The Book Mine Set

Run by John who is based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (in other words: Arctic, for those who may not be aware), this blog is currently hosting the second annual Canadian Book Challenge. It runs for a year and involves participants committing to read 13 Canadian books (i.e. by or about Canadians/set in Canada), one from each province and territory. John has a handy list broken down by geography for readers who are still seeking something for their 'Saskatchewan' slot, say, or want to round out their 'Newfoundland' one. So far Apprentice Writer has ticks for:

Alberta - (to be filled!)

British Columbia - Wayson Choy, "The Jade Peony"

Manitoba - Carol Shields, "The Stone Diaries"

New Brunswick- (to be filled!)

Newfoundland/Labrador - (to be filled!)

Northwest Territories-(to be filled!)

Nova Scotia - Anne Marie MacDonald, "Fall on Your Knees"

Nunavat-(to be filled!)

Ontario - Margaret Atwood, "The Robber Bride"

Prince Edward Island- Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Anne of Green Gables"

Quebec - Yann Martel, "Life of Pi"

Saskatchewan -(tobe filled!)

Yukon -(to be filled!)

All titles read so far highly recommended.

Next, a blog with similar concept but broader application:

Book Around the World

Bonnie describes the goal: "The world has many countries. Let's "book around the world" and find at least one excellent book for each country in the world. The book should help us learn something ABOUT that country and not just be one written by somebody who lives there."

The sidebar lists a host of countries which link to reviews on books for that country.

Apprentice Writer thinks this is a brilliant way to promote the concepts of global village and world citizenship. So far, her personal literary world collection includes the all continents but Antarctica. But even that is sort ofcovered by making an appearance on her WIP, "Cupid and a Suitcase". Time to collect more individual countries!


John Mutford said...

Hi Apprentice Writer! Thanks for highlighting challenge.

Wylie Kinson said...

Both of these are very cool concepts. I like the Canadian challenge and lordy... if I only had the time!!

I must say, he's in for a treat with The Stone Diaries and The Robber Bride, two of my personal faves.

M. said...

Hi John! Going to join your Canadian Book Challenge officially when I finish posting today.

Hi Wylie! I think maybe I wasn't clear - the titles I listed aren't the ones the Challenge Founder will be reading, but the ones that I ticked off from my own reading list (with solemn intention of filling all the provincial gaps). I loved those two books also - have you read Barbara Gowdy's "The White Bone"? It was amazing, creatively, and depressing zoologically.

Wylie Kinson said...

M. - I haven't read that one. Should I?
Canada has some amazingly talented writers.

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