Saturday, July 25, 2009

Notable Quotes

Two favorite quotes from recent reads:

"His eyes were like ping pong balls released underwater."

Amanda Filipacchi, 'Love Creeps'

(Comic Surrealism: The story explores stalking, counter-stalking, pre-emptive stalking....)

"I smelled like a rained-upon, nervous sheep."

Julie Powell, 'Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously'
(Parallel Memoir: A contemporary woman recharges her life by building a project on a famous chef's book and philosphy; due for imminent cinematic release )

Original, vivid, funny. How Apprentice Writer loves that triple threat.


Julia Smith said...

I hate it when I smell like 'rained-upon, nervous sheep.' Must be a Julia thing...

M. said...

haha! I wonder what other shared 'Julia' things there are?

Tee said...

ROFL! That last one is fantastic.

Jenners said...

I just got Julie and Julia to read ... and this makes me even more exited to read it. I might have to bump it up in the list!

M. said...

Tee & Jenners: Welcome! How lovely to see you here! Yes, Julie and Julia is fab so far (I'm only 40 pages in) and I'm trying to finish it before the movie.