Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week, 2nd Edition - Day 1

Here we are, arrived at Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Day1.

Ushered in on a wave of kerfuffle, brouhaha, and hubbub. (How Apprentice Writer loves using those words!).

Much cyberspace has been devoted to that excitement so this blog shall not go over the same ground. AW shall simply note that the organizers of this event, which is intended to be a joyous celebration of the book blogging community and its dynamic role in the industry, society, the world!....are extraordinarily responsive to input and have recommended that today's common theme be recognition of blogs that deserve such but for whatever reason did not make it onto nominations and therefore shortlist.

One of the ones that springs to AW's mind is not there due to self-elimination from the process. Due to choice of own exit, AW shall not drag it back in. Instead, she shall salute all those bloggers out there (you know who you are) who devote time, energy, and finances to pursuit and praise of words - regardless whether written in crayon, hieroglyphs, or ink, whether by quill, pencil or keyboard. As a group, writers' efforts elevate us all - and for that, book bloggers are grateful and supportive in our own individual ways.

Authors - write on. Book bloggers - cybercomment on.


Julia Smith said...

M - you're tops on my book bloggers list. I personally love your 'but does it make me laugh?' criteria.

M. said...


not so bad yourself, Julia - love your perusal of arts scene segments

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