Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week, 2nd Edition - Day 4

Today is the day that book bloggers reminisce about books they found and loved due to recommendation from other book bloggers.

Here is Apprentice Writer's triple shoutout.

To Sarah and Candy at SmartBitches, Trashy Books, whose uniquely expressed insights, snarky humor, willingnesss to engage in passionate discussion and book love resulted in a number of BBAW nominations and a win -

THANK YOU for introducing AW to Loretta Chase! Still can't believe how many years went by without discovering this peerless author on own initiative - AW suspects it may have been a simple case of book covers acting as repellant - but the fact remains, they gave a glowing review of "Mr. Impossible", AW gave it a try, and has not looked back since. Well, except for right now!

To Tiffany Clare, soon-to-be debut author and one ofthe founding members of the grog Vauxhall Vixens along with J.K. Coi (author of dark and intriuging paranormal romance), Elyssa Papa (newly agented aspiring writer of refreshing contemporary romantic comedy), and Maggie Robinson (soon-to-be author of historical romance) -

THANK YOU for introducing AW to Sarah Monette! As regular reader of this space know, AW can't stop talking about her dark fantasy 'Doctrine of Labyriths' series, beginning with the stunning 'Melusine'. AW now actively seeks out dark fantasy, and may not have done so without your help.

To Ana and Thea of The Booksmugglers (which just won the BBAW award for Best Collaborative Blog) -

THANK YOU for introducing AW to new author Kate Noble! They kindly shared a copy of Ms. Noble's debut 'Compromised' which AW thoroughly enjoyed. Meaning another auto-read author for her.

Gratitude and shiny good karma points to you all.


Julia Smith said...

You're reminding me to pick up my first Loretta Chase and Sarah Monette. I just know I'm going to adore Melusine.

Ana said...

: D

You're welcome! Woot

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