Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Predictions

Predictions of 100% certainty:

In AW's home: Spongebob Squarepants popularity will hold steady, Disney Princesses will gain ground (perplexing fatherly onlookers who thought full saturation had been reached), and lobby groups promoting the entitlement of 14 year olds to choose entertainment completely independently will increase their pressure tactics.

In the literary world: More YA, less zombies, same amount of handwringing over the precarious future of the industry, continued insidious advance of true axis of (addictive) evil: bookstores joined with coffeeshops.

Predictions of less than 100% certainty:

In AW's home: she will keep all her new years resolutions.

In the literary world: Barring respective internal innovation, Facebook and Twitter reach a plateau (as shown by lukewarm reception of first print novel in tweets by Theresa Medeiros), paving the way for emergence of some new social media titan. Blogging will continue to hold steady among those cyberati who like online connecting in a more extensive, less commericialized way than seems to have become the case for many FBers and tweeters. Readers who leapt upon dedicated ereaders when they first appeared will now keep their eye on ipad developments to ponder the question of when to make the jump.

And authors of every subgenre everywhere will continue to ask the question:

How in the name of Gutenburg did J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer do it?????


Julia Smith said...

Cyberati - now that's a word! I love it.

M - I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you in Real Life. I almost burst out crying when we hugged. I too would love to make an annual event of our holiday lunch. A great carrot whenever I struggle to keep on writing...

M. said...

Hi Julia!
yes, I was pleased with 'cyberati'. Sounds more refined than 'blogerati', which is too close to 'ratty bloggers' IMO.
Next year, let's do sushi.

Julia Smith said...