Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs You've Been Reading Too Much Romance

By day Jessica of 'Read, React, Review' is a professor of all things philosophical/ethical/feminist, by night she's a thoughtful blogger of whatever strikes her fancy, which includes voracious reading in genre fiction.

This has resulted, among many other things, in some very entertaining warning lists, the most recent of which was

10 Signs You've Been Reading Too Much Paranormal Romance

It made Apprentice Writer laugh (even though she scored very low on those 10 signs) so she went back to read previous lists also:

10 Signs You've Been Reading Too Much Historical Romance
(AW scored higher here), and

10 Signs You Need to Lay off the Scottish Romance
(virgin territory for AW)

All funny. Enjoy.


Julia Smith said...

I read all three - and the historical and Scottish ones made me laugh the most. Thanks for bringing her blog to my attention, AW!

Rachel said...

9. You are pretty sure there were, in fact, other countries in Europe besides Great Britain in the nineteenth century, but you can only think of one: France.


M. said...

I liked "But we're Jewish!"

I'm waiting for her to make a list for every other genre.