Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quote of the Day

Apprentice Writer recently posted a book review that contained the observation that one of the most fun things about fantasy and science fiction novels is the opportunity for the author to get creative with language. That book reviewed on that particular occasion feel flat in lingual creativity, a fact AW was reminded of recently when she came across an example where it didn't.

In 'Scar Night', a dark (very!) fantasy by Alan Campbell, one of the villains travels deep into the so-called Deadsands outside of the chained city and encounters members of the so-called primitive nomadic tribes who have survived, some more and some less intact, the city military forces periodic attempts to exterminate them. An elderly, partially senile member of the tribal council objects:

"You loose-fluted bastard! I don't give a shrivel!"

AW's point is made: the reader doesn't have to know what loose flutes or shrivels are to understand the character's meaning perfectly.

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Julia Smith said...

I may use that myself in real life.