Friday, October 2, 2009

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"At the age of eleven, Catherine Weston was buried alive in a shallow, wet grave. Two months before that, she had stood in the cemetery beside the ancient stone church, clutching her mother's hand as the tiny coffin containing her brother's remains was lowered into the ground. All four of her infant brothers had been buried this way. Sent to the warmth and light of Heaven, her mother said. But now, on this miserable, gray October day, as the damp earth weighed impossibly heavy on her chest and forced her to struggle for every breath, Catherine realized her mother had lied. There was no light or warmth There was only the cold, pungent mud and the choking terror that made her heart beat so hard she was certain it would burst."

Eve Silver, Seduced by a Stranger

Come back tomorrow for Apprentice Writer's review of'Seduced by a Stranger'.


Jenners said...

Well jeez...if that doesn't grab you, I don't know what will! Being buried alive is a fear of mine (one of many) so this is an automatic "want to read more but I'm scared" type reaction. I wouldn't have expected this opening based on the cover though!

M. said...

Jenners - it's a gothic novel. The whole point (if I've grasped correctly) is to have a delicious creepy sensation the whole time you read. I kind of rushed reading the opening scene because one of my personal hot-button issues is not feeling able to breathe - but the rest of the story was in manageable-creepy territory for me.

Wylie Kinson said...

Eek! An opening to chill my claustrophobic fears.
Putting this on my must read list.

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