Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whither Romantic Social Media?

Recently, the following rmantic fiction grogs (group blogs) gave notice of final curtain:

The Soapbox Queens (group of authors)

Romance Vagabonds (group of aspiring authors/readers)

Love is an Exploding Cigar (group of authors)

Romance Novel TV (group of reader/reviewers and guest authors)

In the blogosphere's natural course of events, blogs come and blogs go. Nothing new about that.

What struck Apprentice Writer this time was the question: what led these faithful bloggers to close shop, and more interestingly (is that a word?) - have they really departed to have more time for writing or other personal projects, or is this another sign of the rising dominance of the almighty Twitterverse? Have blogs and grogs concentrating on, say, fantasy, mystery, or litfic gone through similar changes?



Wylie Kinson said...

Good question, M.
It could be because of Twitter --and what does that say about our attention span?!?!
But blogging is very time consuming with untangable benefits, so perhaps it's a matter of time better spent?
Or maybe they just ran out of things to say!! LOL

Thomma Lyn said...

Very good question, M. -- and like Wylie, I've been pondering these matters as well. I've been trying to get more active on Twitter, not because I don't enjoy blogging, but with all the time I'm spending on various writing projects (and life stuff) these days, the blog has to take a back seat, and Twitter is fastfastfast! Gonna keep blogging, but my Twittering is definitely ramping up.

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