Thursday, August 2, 2007

Waiting for Godot - or Recognition, Whichever Comes First

Feeling down-hearted because of failure to achieve recognition among your writing peers?

Fear not! Apprentice Writer has the ideal solution: seek recognition for your writing in the non-writing world!

AW was strolling a suburban mall, and wandered into LuLuLemon (=yogawear) during customer appreciation day. The appreciation seemed to consist mostly of balloons and (irony much?) cupcakes. They were also running a contest asking customers to write what they liked best about the store. A quick glance at the ballot box showed a lot of entries simply listed a word or phrase. AW wrote a couple of sentences and voila!

The manager called today to say AW had won the outfit of her choice, and enthused about the excellent answer. Truth be told, this was somewhat embarrassing as AW had dashed it off without too much Deep Thought.

In terms of Big Pictureness, this may not be like having your book appear on the New York Times bestseller list. Still, it felt pretty darn good. Until the moment, that is, that AW was informed that her freshly post-partum self would be photographed for the critical perusal of customers viewing the store's community noticeboards (which, incidentally, had been the subject of the winning entry).

Now AW will have to practice how best to hold Very Cute Baby over the most strategic area to avoid too heinous a photo - because really: have you seen those yoga hardbodies????

On the other hand, Very Cute Baby offers extremely limited strategic camoflage, still being quite tiny. Perhaps AW should try and extend the deal by surrendering to a highly unflattering 'before' photo and aiming for another, smaller-sized outfit in a future 'after' shot.....

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Unknown said...

Congratulations!! Anytime you get recognition for your writing is a happy time. Enjoy the outfit. :)