Friday, May 22, 2009

CHICKLIT: Missing Persons Report - UPDATE

Gentle Readers of this space may be aware of Apprentice Writer's sleuthing in the case of chicklit's apparent disappearance from the literary scene (if not, see here)

Today, a sighting in the (cyber)wild of that rare and shy beast - a recent chicklit title! It bore several signature markings: cartoon-like cover, refreshing color, reference to cosmetica, and clever title:


by Kyra Davis

Only the stilletos were missing - and judging by the cover girl's cool trenchcoat, they will no doubt be found safely tucked into the pages inside.

As previously observed with respect to chicklit's evolution:, this is not a 'pure' chicklit title, but a hybrid. CHICKLIT COZY, a new subgenre for Apprentice Writer.

If, like her, the gentle reader is eager to try it out, head on over to
Bella's Novella
for a giveaway.

If, unlike her, the gentle reader has already sampled a chicklit cozy - please share what you thought!


Julia Phillips Smith said...

I've never read a chick lit, M - I hope that doesn't shock.

'Reference to cosmetica' - LOL! I'm not much of a girly-girl kind of woman. I never watched Sex and the City or The Devil Wore Prada. So the closest I've come to a chick lit is You Had Me At Halo by Amanda Ashby. I won it from a blog contest and really,really enjoyed it.

M. said...

Not shocked, Julia, especially since you tried 'Halo' and say you liked it. The only shocking thing would be closed-mindedness, to dismiss a genre out of hand without giving it a shot.

I'll look out for 'Halo' and in the meantime, if you'd like to give THE classic of the genre a try, maybe take a look at 'The Diary of Bridget Jones' (bit different from the movie).

Thomma Lyn said...

I've never read a chick lit novel, either. But the title of the Kyra Davis book is very cute. And *giggling* at how you are surmising that the stilettos will be found tucked in the cover girl's trenchcoat. :-D