Monday, June 29, 2009

Question for Urban Fantasy Readers

What is the difference between 'magic' (which Apprentice Writer first learned about in fairy tales) and 'magick' (which seems to be the type practiced between pages these days)?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Julia Phillips Smith said...

Good question. I just googled it, and magick with a 'k' seems to be the term favoured by those who practice Aleister Crowley-ish magick.

If a person was going to get a Loretta Chase book, which one would you recommend starting off reading?

And the first of the Sergei Lukyanenko books is called Night Watch. Vampires are only a minor aspect of this world. There are mainly sorcerers, shapeshifters, etc. They're separated into those that follow the Light and those that follow the Dark. The storyline actually concerns itself with a Cold War-ish watch on one other, in an MI-5 type world.

M. said...

Thanks, Julia. Now I'll just have to go google Aleister Crowley!

Oooh, a Loretta Chase question! And the answer is: depends on what you're looking for.
Action adventure and a huge amount of good fun in Egypt? "Mr. Impossible"

Possibly THE best match-up of sparring hero and heroine plus hero redemption of all time, according to many, many, many readers who put this in their #1 romance spot, bar none? "Lord of Scoundrels"

A fan of Venice? "Your Scandolous Ways"

Like a 'sweet' romance where the emphasis is all on very entertaining back-and-forth banter showing how a couple are attracted to one another, minus (or I should say, preceding) physical relatinship? One of the early works, like 'Knave's Wager'.

It's all good! Please let me know what you thought, ultimately.

OK, you've sold me. I will pick up 'Night Watch'.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Woo hoo! Lord of Scoundrels, it is. And I hope you enjoy Night Watch.