Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pleasures of Reading

Everyone knows you are supposed to read to your children to foster all kinds of good brain / education / learning attitude type things.

So, sure, Apprentice Writer read to her children, when they were little and not so little.

What very many people don't know, however, is the exquisite delight of having your children read to you.

Apprentice Writer has developed the habit of having junior apprentice writers #1 & #2 read to her from the breakfast bar as she goes about cooking the family dinner.  In this way, she is re-reading the Harry Potter books, and, at long last, the great classic 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

It is so much fun to rediscover an old favorite through new, youthful eyes, and to be able to interpret a tale with a teenager!  Highly recommended.


Loni said...

That sounds just lovely. My daughter "reads" books to me sometimes, but she's three and I know she's just reciting the books she's memorized, but it's still fantastic.

M. said...

Hi Loni! Welcome to the blog. My kindergardener reads to me like that too, and I agree, it's fantastic.

Holly said...

I've always read to my kids, also, and we do a "big" read every year (a classic) it takes us months to finish). I didn't consider having them read to me. I think I'll have to start.

Rev. J. Roland Cole said...

I watched Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers with both my boys--one is now 48 and the other 28. We'd get many books from the library and children's video's. I'd copy a bunch on a single tape and my youngest watched the great and good and fun ones as he chose. He graduated Texas A & M University 4 years ago summa cum laude. My eldest graduated with a great education from Rice University and curated at the Smithsonian for 6 years, handling priceless art and antiquities, doing scholarship on them and presenting them to inquirers. etc.CURATING THE fREER gALLERY, ETC. I read to them, and sometimes they could read to me. Jack Prelutsky wrote a fun book of wonderfun poems about the different kinds and shapes of dinosaurs, with pictures. Shannon and I both virtually memorized a lot of those delightful pieces of real information and delightful humor. All I remember now is: "Clankety, clankety, clankety clank. Ankylosaurus was built like a tank!" The first Chair of Children's Literature of the American Poetry Foundatioin, Jack received a letter of appreciation 25 years later this last year FROM ME!. It was a joy to thank him for his contributions to my son, me, and some special education kids who got turned on to learning and to writing as well as appreciating poems because of what I could do with them because of his great fun-wonderful dinosaur poems they delighted in!! (THEY WERE TURNED OFF AND NEGATIVE BY PREVIOUS ATTEMPTS TO EDUCATE THEM WITH BORING CURRICULA; AS A SUBSTITUTE i DID ANYTHING TO GET THEIR ATTENTION AND GET THEM EXCITED/INVOLVED. INCLUDING REPLACE THE BOOKS THAT BORED THEM WITH jACK'S pOEMS. ONE GROUP WAS EVEN WRITING AND CRITIQUING EACH OTHER'S POEMS WITHIN 2 MONTHS!And I was told they probably wouldn't/couldn't learn anything! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR LIST OF OUTSTANDING BOOKS WITH COMMENTS. BEST, REV. j. ROLAND cOLE, 80 YEARS YOUNG (Mr. Rogers was a great man in my book who made great contributions to our nation's children of all races and strata and who virtually saved PBS from a scary-by-reputation, Conservative Congressman's Budget Axe, single-handedly and alone, once, in a Congressional Hearing room. He fearlessly and patiently explained why the programs ("socialism!") were important and needed. The budget amount was raised!)