Wednesday, October 1, 2008

EXPERIMENT: The Big H, Report #2

Time periods and opening hooks, united again:


"The gale roared like a wild beast."
Diane Gaston, 'The Vanishing Vicountess'

"Leaning one broad shoulder against the wall, Hal Waterman exchanged an amused glance..."
Julia Justiss, 'A Most Unconventional Match'


"What's wrong, Father? Is it bad news?"
Claire Thornton, 'City of Flames: The Abducted Heiress'


"Even thoug it was Witches' Night, the first time the door latched rattled..."
Carol Townend, 'An Honourable Rogue'


"Her quarry was within her sight."
Amanda McCabe, 'A Sinful Alliance'


"Annis pressed her lips together."
Michelle Styles, 'Taken by the Viking'

Julia and Wylie, you intrepid historic mix- and matchers, you both win a prize for playing along. Let Apprentice Writer know which of these six titles strikes your fancy, and she will send them to you after her experiment is done.


Wylie Kinson said...

LOL - that was fun... and BOY was I wrong!!

Great prize idea, M. And I'll take whichever one you loved best!! (I get to do that because I slipped in here before Julia :P )

Amy Ruttan said...

Very cool. I'm catching up but that was fun to see what they guessed. LOL.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Woo! More books!! I love books!! LOL on the guessing - 1 right. Ha Ha!

Well, let's see - taking into consideration whichever one you liked best, to the victor goes the spoils, I'll say these three in descending order of my curiosity:

Amanda McCabe
Michelle Styles
Carol Townend

Thanks, M.!