Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book Promotion: Good Ideas

Paranormal author Meljean Brook has a book coming out on the same day as the vote for American President. In the brain of the average person, this would release a response along the lines of : "What an amusing co-incidence." In the abnormally fertile brain of Ms. Brook, it released a response of: "What a great opportunity to have some fun with my readers, praise the work of established and cutting-edge authors I admire, and extend an invitation to travel a little deeper into the Guardian universe!"

Helping others flex their voting muscles in preparation for the big day, Ms. Brook calls it.

Brilliant buzz idea, Apprentice Writer calls it.

Readers can vote on pairs of old skool/ new style books at her site, and get a chance to win those books as well as titles from her own backlist. All leading up to the newest story: Demon Bound.

Gentle Reader, if you have not encountered this universe - take a look, then if you're so inclined please let AW know what you think!


Amy Ruttan said...

LOL that's a brilliant idea!!

M. said...

yes, i thought so too.

maybe hormones will inspire some brilliant buzz ideas for you, too? five books! that's going to be amazing.