Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Here!

November !


Apprentice Writer is about to set off on the chase for her 50,000 words, to be bagged and brought to the weighing station at National Novel Writing Month Headquarters by midnight 30 November.

Her computer is ready; keyboard polished and space bar reattached after junior apprentice writer #3's repeated detachments.

Her snacks are ready; purloined from junior apprentice writer #1-3's Halloweeen stash.

Her outline is ready; printed off in color coded glory (green for plot developments, red for MC growth, orange for recurring motifs, blue for sublplots).

Her laundry is done and her house is vacuumed; but let's not look too closely at dust-collecting surfaces, shall we?


(a word from our sponsor: due to circumstances beyond our control, blogging will cease for the month of November, and recommence, new and improved, in December. Adieu!)


Thomma Lyn said...

Good luck Nanoing! I'm signed up again this year, but I'm also deep in revisions on my novel-in-progress. So I'm using Nano as a recreational free-writing exercise for a follow-up book.

M. said...

hi tl! good luck to you too! makes sense, to get the juices flowing for the next project before the current one is completely done. my next one is about one-third done, which dials down the panic about 'will i ever have another good idea again?'

Amy Ruttan said...

Goodluck with NaNo M!!!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

See you in December, M! Happy writing - I'm NaNo-ing, too.

Tiffany Clare said...

Oh I hope you are doing fabulously with NaNo. It's tough work. I tried it last year, but only made it to 45K. But it was good fun, and helps you focus on only writing, no stopping!

M. said...

amy, julia, tiffany -

thanks, plugging away, and 45k is nothing to sneeze at!