Thursday, November 20, 2008

LOL Regencies

We interrupt this Nanowrimo-inspired blogging hiatus to bring you a good laugh.

Janet Mullany, author of RULES OF GENTILITY, was inspired to create a new LOL category.

Do yourself a favor and head over to "Risky Regencies", to witness gems such as Jane Austen's work process as she concocts one of the most famous literary quotes ever.

Ms. Mullany is also sponsoring a LOLRegency contest, so Gentle Readers with more photoshop skillz than Apprentice Writer can participate in the merriment. And, in case anyone was wondering: AW feels no guilt in having found this contest by surfing rather than upping Nanovel wordcount, since a) surfing can feed creativity, proven by this excellent idea, and b) Ms. Mullany herself confided that the idea was born while she was Nano-procrastinating! Hey, if it works for funny published authors, it can work for AW.

1 comment:

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I'm SO far away from my NaNo goal, I'd laugh but I'm trying too hard to make up my word count. I'll laugh later - after I sleep.

Hope you're keeping pace, AW!